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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  Q&A with Apollo Sunshine's Jesse Gallagher

ah, here i am again, impressing upon you the insanely good band Apollo Sunshine. i retain that they're the best band to come out of Boston in an impressively long time. really truly.

i got the opportunity to run a few quick questions by Jesse Gallagher (center), about whom i've posted before (go search yourselves, bitches). he's a smart dude. i agree with a lot of his answers (if you haven't seen it, Waking Life is an important movie to watch, i mean it) but by far the best answer is the last. it essentially defines the Jesse/Apollo Sunshine mentality.

do check out these guys. i will grow hoarse soon with my insisting.

here's the man now:

1. About what book or movie would you feel comfortable judging somebody based on their appreciation of it?
If someone really dug that movie "Waking Life" or the book "The Power of Myth" I could probably judge that they had traveled a course that has opened their mind in a good way..

2. What is your favorite word? Also, what is your favorite swear?
i like the word "LOVE" cause it sorta skips past your brain and seeps right into your stomach and heart...

swear?.. I like "FUCK", cause the fuck is where we all came from...

3. What city would you live in (any time period) and why?
i would have loved to have lived with the Dogon tribes in Africa...

4. What do you think are the obligations of an artist (if any) to his/her viewer/audience?
To entertain... and to be honest....

5. Do you believe that, as Nietsche says, "Laughter is the death of an emotion?"
hmm... maybe..
laughter is also the best emotion....

6. What other profession could you see yourself having?
baseball player.

7. Say there is actually a heaven. What would you like the higher being to say when you reach "the gates?"
Hey Jesse!!
"woo hoo!, your here!... here's your solid gold turntables.... could you kindly start up the dance party?"
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