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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  The Little Ones -getting their record dealios on.
i'm really sorry for the sparse posts, guys. there just isn't enough time in the day. you have absolutely no idea.

but! i have cool news! one of the very first bands we posted on here at Noise for Toaster was lovely San Francisco-natives The Little Ones. to this day they've been one of my very favorite finds, especially for how little they've actually recorded or even toured. i'm positive you'll remember them if you venture on over to their myspace and have a little listening-refresher. mmm, minty.

well! i am so pleased to have been a part of all that hype about their first Sing Song EP because it's garnered them quite a bit of attention, and they're doing extremely well. case in point: they just signed to indie label Astralwerks, home to freaking awesome artists like Hot Chip, Sondre Lerche, Sparklehorse.. plus UK sensation The Kooks. decent line-up there. or "dees," as the kids say, the spelling of which can be argued.

this is also sort of a "let's hold hands" deal between Astralwerks and UK's Heavenly Records, seriously one of the bigger indie labels in Europe.

speaking of Europe (i'm so slick) - that's where they're headed next. so if you're across the pond from us, go check them out starting in January - if for no other reason than to see them supporting Boy Least Likely To (gasp, squeal, exclamation point!! god, i love them).

let's not meet like this. i miss you too much.
yes, well explained.. i agree with u. :-)
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