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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
  Silversun Pickups & Viva Voce @ BU Central, 10.14

this past weekend i scooted (scoot?) my butt down to BU Central to catch Viva Voce and Silversun Pickups in their natural habitat: on a stage and surrounded by barely college-aged kids.

both bands had a number of things going against them. first of all, BU Central sucks. most of the Boston University educated peoples are not versed in their good independent music, and also usually have different priorities (for instance! Friday was the thirteenth. there are thematic excuses for such an occurrence, especially in the month of october). so despite the gorgeous fliers that were glazing all the bulletin boards, VV & SSPU still did not get their fair audience (they did, however, the next night at the Middle East... hooray for the good ol' Mid East, yo, that's all i can say. the giant panther gets to say more, though). secondly, the sound is freaking awful. it might look all cool, with those windows and the couches that they turn upside down for such events and the ping pong tables and pool - but i'm here to tell you that the place wasn't built to hold sound. all of it flattens, condenses into this grizzly mess and the vocals sail over all the heads like a bird chirping in a hurricane. also, the Silversun Pickups leadman was pretty wasted.

despite the fact that i'm setting up this review to sound like they sucked, they didn't. they brought their dramatic poppy jumble of reverb and highschool-social-scene sugar coatedness and dumped it all on the floor in front of us, and left everyone that had never heard them to guess what it all was, the mystery that was their slightly recognizable melodies and their powerful presence. you have to give bands credit for totally ripping it in front of about twenty people (i exaggerate). i give them all the more credit for it, as bands and as people.

basically, i love everything.

this post was brought to you by Filter Tour Zine and the letter cue. because that is what "Q" is spelled like.
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