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Thursday, September 14, 2006
  Wolfmother and Rogue Wave? 9.12
hey there cherubs. interested in what we've been doing lately? no? how about if i told you that on Tuesday we went to two shows? that's right, two.

no time for talking, no time for reading, here are the pictures:
[full flickr set]

Wolfmother at the Pavilion:

- through extremely ironic means we acquired free VIP tickets to see Wolfmother and The Strokes at the Pavilion. why not take advantage? well, a time conflict with Rogue Wave's show, of course. so we decided to split them up. the incredible performance by Wolfmother was so worth the trip on the silver line, and we were able to conveniently catch two songs by The Strokes and then check out in time to head to Cambridge. they're... okay. meh.

Rogue Wave at the Middle East:

- i am going to say something that makes Alex queasy and my readers aghast: i think the performance i saw by Rogue Wave last night surpassed almost every single other show i saw this entire summer. if it doesn't, it at least matches the very best. if you've been following along at home, i've seen far over twenty bands, and i went to Lollapalooza; now you see that i'm saying something. this is one of my top five favorite bands, literally, and i was floating just to see them again. the second time was even better than the first, i'm telling you. i could rave for hours but there you are - awesome guys, awesome music. expect an interview coming soon (be still my heart).

ironic that Zach joked about The Strokes opening up for them; i wanted to tell him we left the show to see them. i guess i'll be able to.
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