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Saturday, September 02, 2006
  the most amazing thing i have ever discovered in my entire life. no, really.
woooo. hey kids. i'm coming back from the dead here (i promise, after this weekend, post irregularity eats its prunes and gets all straightened out) (...sorry for the imagery) to tell you about one of the single greatest websites i have ever encountered in my entire life, bar none. no, i'm serious.

hark! the gig is called Tour Filter. the angelic people behind the ordeal decided (like the rest of Boston bloggers) that it was about time someone stepped up to the plate and stopped the madness! that's right - you will never miss a show again. my gorgeous Boston people, just jog right up to that site there, add yo'self and yo' email, and voilà - you have the key to organizing your live performance schedule for the rest of eternity. i kid you not. check my work-in-progress here.

soon you will find on our sidebar a little box with a bunch of bands and dates next to it. this curious little contraption is also the genius of Tour Filter. so if you have a blog, and don't want to keep up with the sidebar madness, you have another solution! they do it for you! if you feel faint, put your head between your knees and breathe in and out.

but wait - there's more. they make searching for your favorite bands easy as pie - however easy pie is. type it in and press enter. mm, smells like strawberry rhubarb. another option (and i recommend this, considering it's hard to sit in front of a computer and type in all of your favorite bands. "let's see... well, i like the beatles... the smashing pumpkins, maybe...") is to check the calendar and browse through the artists other people have already searched for. then it's only as strenuous as clicking on the artist name, clicking the "track this" link, and, uh, you're done. no really, i'm totally serious. if multiple pies mean increasing simplicity, then we've got the rhubarb, the apple, definitely the cherry, some key lime maybe..

duck soup, i'm telling you. duck soup.

so go check it out! they also support lesser-than cities, such as chicago, new york, austin, LA, seattle, san francisco bay area (woot), new orleans... (p.s., i just mentioned five cities that i adore to the ground. i'm not that hardcore.)

i love you, tour filter.

and i love you, loyal readers. less than three.
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