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Sunday, September 10, 2006
  Brazilian Girls - Talk To La Bomb
sometimes there is an album that i hear about vaguely. it's only a whisper, a passing mention, a flash of words (damn impermanent computer pixels), but for some reason it gets stored in the little recesses of my memory. each and every time i hear a second mention, a third mention, a fourth, fifth, sixth - the memory is conjured instantly, perfectly. i know exactly who the band is, the name, where i first heard it, even for just a split second there is full recognition. post-its of personal reminders "i have to check that out" pile atop one another, a neon mess of removable stickies, sharpied notes lining the interior of my mental to-do list like graffitti in club bathrooms. a seventh mention, an eighth, a ninth, tenth, eleventh - okay!! alright!! who are these people, what is their music, why won't they leave me alone?!

whether it's a stroke of incredibly good intuition or just a frustratingly lucky series of coincidences, i seem to discover all amazing bands this way. one of those bands was Brazilian Girls - one that needs little to no introduction as one of the hottest and most seductive bands to explode onto the scene in quite a while.

i'm aware that the major-label band has been blogged about quite a bit recently, but i usually prefer to do things in a little more timely fashion: and that is to say (sing scream): this piece of musical and performance mastery is available in places that you buy albums September Twelfth. you read me correctly: buy it this tuesday. Talk To La Bomb is one of my favorite things to come out in 2006 (if i had a top 15 list, say) and i highly recommend you skip to your local stores (Boston kids: yay Newbury yay) or pre-order online. i think their work is always original, their style is almost unmatched and their ability to ooze catchy electronica, world, and dance beats into my music collection is somewhat astonishing; all of this said, i think you should pay attention and watch as they just get bigger and bigger.

::::to convince you further!
Brazilian Girls - All About Us
(highly recommended and all of that)
Brazilian Girls - Never Met A German
Brazilian Girls - Sexy Asshole

please skip over to the Hype to check out the tracks everyone else has (like the amazing Jique. say it right, kids!).

ALSO. tour stuff. come out on the 7th of October if you're in Boston and catch them with us. if you're not, go to their 'space to look up tour stuff. it all kicks off this thursday, so check soon.
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