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Monday, September 04, 2006
  Annuals Album Review

Annuals - Be He Me

taking a quick break from the move to tell you - to impress upon you further, in fact - about a band i can't stop listening to.

by now i feel like i've told you all about Annuals, but it's truly only begun. their debut album from Ace Fu is perfect for me. i mean, not euphorically perfect, but equationally perfect; indie rock meets noisy intensity meets emotional vocals. uh, hi. my name is shan, have we met?

to tell you the truth though, it's hardly the guilty pleasure listening that you might think. their instrumental, compositional, and productive prowess are positively outstanding and, by all means, shocking. a superb mix of raw, ear-bending and emotional vocal ripping presents both a persistently demanding howl and commandingly sonorous melody. knock-me-down emotion - and no, nowhere near emo. the combination is always very well arranged over a miss of instruments from strings to interesting and sometimes noisy guitar riffs. Annuals manages to produce walls of sound that i haven't liked as well since, i suppose, Band Of Horses (still undeniably one of my favorite albums).

i highly highly highly recommend "Be He Me." and you know i've been telling you to see them live. you can't miss them now.

::::again, check out this track, you'll be sold:
Annuals - Bleary Eyed

the album drops sometime this fall. keep yourself updated (i will too, don't worry) and buy it.

nice, glad to see you're digging on them. i love em and can't wait to see them here in NYC next week.
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