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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
  Jed and Lucia - Candles In Daylight
do you remember the first time you hear songs? i don't mean the first time the song is played, music notes in some progression that goes quickly in and quickly out, essentially unregistered. i mean actually hearing, really getting deep into the music as a whole, sifting through the tendons of words and guitar parts and electronic splices and the heaviness, the gooeyness, the sentimentality, the blazing fire - whatever. me? i always remember. i can hear a song for the hundredth time and i will still picture exactly where i was the first, and i will flash there and feel always the same feelings i had at the time, mixed with the issues, the heartbreaks, the happy things - the whole great big package in a moment of who i was.

enter: Jed and Lucia. somewhere in my head there was a stop in the gap, and i caught the music instantly - no discretion between first time heard and first time heard. a mix of vocals that combine sounds of Kings of Convenience's Nordic duo and the breathy soothing of Colin Hay, layered with breathtaking (yes) and simple chord progressions, tinkering guitar that - though impossibly quiet - seems to fill every space with its eery majesty (yes). it is a strain of pop reserved for those accustomed to stopping time, slowing it down, taking it patiently one footstep after another. the entire album ebbs and flows in energy, laying out an almost Buddhist purity (yes) with ambient touches and even a very faint chant (yes) - of which i'm thinking specifically Answers. you can find yourself to this album, a soundtrack of spiritual essence and emotion that rubs its fingertips along nerve endings and sore, beating hearts, provoking. it is not another boy/girl collector's item; it is merely Jed and Lucia, audibly bearing their souls and banding up my memory to this place and time that i cannot let go.

::::maybe something you haven't heard before - haven't heard before:
Jed and Lucia - Wasn't Right
Jed and Lucia - Fish
- appropriate for NfT, no?
Jed and Lucia - Perpetuate the Cycle [quite lovely]

i direct you to the Hype to gather the other tracks most everyone has. as well you can travel to their myspace to directly download another four tracks.

also, please buy this album. i promise you it isn't the same without the entire experience.
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