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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  Camera Obscura - mp3s for a night with me.

you have put on your best. you are alone, staying at this hotel alone, walking through corridors alone, and you have put on your best. no lady to lean on your arm, no man with whom to stroll along. and you have put on your best.

love passes by you with their second-best, their next-to-best, their i'll-try-harder-tomorrow-night-dear best. they laugh or they bicker and regardless, you watch as they continue on, growing smaller in one-point perspective down the fluorescently lit hotel hallway, cushy 70's rug bending under their happy weight. you are floating; your feet barely reach the ground. your jealousy is somewhere in the corners of the ceiling, billowing out like smoke machines on an upside-down stage. oh to turn this whole thing around, alice down the rabbit hole, bending the hotel inside-out until indeed the ceiling is your platform and your feelings set the stage. after all, you have put on your best.

but your steps keep some kind of weightlessly fuzzy, inebriated time down the hallway behind them towards a wedding you don't understand and lots of people that will ask you your relation to the bride or groom. you will smile, pretend to be foreign, roll your eyes to the side and continue on into a corner with your punch, remembering your last high school dance and that date that danced the night away with someone else. you are autistically confused, helplessly comical and dancing by yourself. it is your best - your very best - and not to go to waste.

and then the awkward elevator ride, shoulders stiff, you are shorter and taller and like a beacon of light as the music fades and you have won your return home.
::::sounds familiar.
Camera Obscura - Tears For Affairs

and maybe..
Camera Obscura - I Need All The Friends I Can Get

the Hype will help you.
also, thank Glasgow, officially.
consider putting money on it.
read more! the educated folk do it for band blogs.
and please respect their space but don't leave us.

in celebration of the Let's Get Out Of This Country single, out today. and no, no nights with me.
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