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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
  new music: The New Tragedies

The New Tragedies - VanityVanity

it would be quite unfair of me to make any sort of comparison between the The New Tragedies and other music artists who happened to be a married couple. what this act deserves is a simplistic, stripped-down account of their lovely sound - because that's exactly what they've accomplished.

over Nick Drake-ish guitar and occasional piano, strings, steel, or drums, Aaron and Bev Weidner create quiet and subdued melodies for the best fans of Americana folk-rock and harmonious pop. by far one of their best attributes is the chemistry between their voices. Aaron's insistent melancholy and Bev's honesty blend simple melodies to create uprisings of sometimes dark emotion and always extremely pleasant sound. with the slightly naked instrumentation and very low production, it's the vocal relationship that insists upon listen after listen.

::::thank New Scratch Records:
The New Tragedies - Lipstick Kiss
[highly recommended]
The New Tragedies - Monday Morning Makeup [also recommended]

buy VanityVanity by clicking this link.
I agree! You wrote "with the slightly naked instrumentation and very low production, it's the vocal relationship that insists upon listen after listen." Nicely said!

Yes; the music is only incidental to the main attraction, which is their voices. A good listening experience.

Hey, just wanted to say what's up. I found your blog after you laughed at my Good Hodgkins joke and I must say I like what you've done with the place. Cheers.
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