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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
  Stars of Track and Field: new album, mp3s

Stars of Track and Field

last year sometime, i was scouring whatever music sites i was into at the moment, and i happened upon an EP by a band that struck me merely because of its fantastic name. an EP is usually a friendly thing by which to get yourself acquainted with a band; You Came Here For Sunset Last Year would prove just the ticket for them to win my full attention. its sonorous explosions of electro rock defied my expectations of what such a combination could accomplish, and i was very impressed by their forceful representation and confident style. hey, they won me over, what can i say.

now they have completed an entire full-length LP, called Centuries Before Love And War. it was originally supposed to be released June 6th of this year - but no such luck. as will occur within the music industry, a recent signing with a New York label Wind-Up Records (Evanescence, Scott Stapp, double shudder.. Walk The Line Soundtrack.. weird...) pushed back the release to April of next year. this is quite astonishing, at least for having already had a finished product for nearly five months now. but i'm sure this new label will garner them more attention when it's finally released.

in the meantime, i have a few tracks to whet your appetite. the album is just what you want to hear; if you liked the EP, you'll love the album as some of the tracks have been carried over (With You, Arithmatik, Say Hello) and the new songs are within the same addicting style.
::::from the upcoming LP:
SOTAF - Movies of Antarctica
SOTAF - Lullabye For A G.I. (Don't Close Your Eyes)

-if you head to their myspace you can also download With You, from both the EP and LP.
-go over to regular ol' Amazon to buy the EP and - low and behold! buy this very album! not sure if it's a fluke, but buy the damn thing while you can.
...gorgeous cover art, by the way.
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