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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
  Emily Haines: streaming track

Emily Haines - "Our Hell"

as was outlined sometime this past April, Emily Haines of indie pop group Metric (let wiki help) will be following along in the recent successful spirit of Canadian songstresses going solo - again. though it would be easy for me to continue by referencing fellow Stars or Broken Social Scene collaborators, Haines truly holds her own and as much deserves a solo review as she does this budding solo career.

it was 1996 when she first released Cut In Half and Also Double, a now-lost gem amidst a sea of... whatever. whether it's because of the risen popularity of Metric or the increased willingness (er, hunger, even) to try on anything that comes out of the-country-up-north, Emily is back at the peak moment with an upcoming album, slated for release September 26th on Last Gang Records.

now - you have a streaming track. thanks to the eyes and ears (and mailboxes) of PF, we've discovered a simple website page showcasing the single from her latest endeavor. it's terrific, airy, and though the low quality doesn't allow for fine review, it's everything you've hoped it would be. i've linked you above or just go here.
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