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Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Sound Team, Cold War Kids @ TT the Bear's, 7.26
hey there. how's it goin'.

last night was the much-buzzed-about show trio: Midlake, Cold War Kids, and headliners Sound Team at TT the Bear's. for reasons i wish were actually excusable, we did not make it to the Midlake performance - and man, do i regret that. every time i listen to The Trials of Van Occupanther i get goosebumps, for pete's sake (poor pete). but. anyway. onwards -

[full flickr set]

Cold War Kids

we arrived a little later into their set than i would have liked, but we caught them (and maybe my favorite song, Hospital Beds) just in time to see them break a sweat and really showcase their infamously incredible live performance. i was encouraged at the turnout (regardless of how much the small venue had to do with making it look packed) and was glad to have seen them again.


i have always enjoyed this band immensely, regardless of proclaimed hype or recent bad reviews or anything else. they were unfortunate in having to go on after their opener's performance (as they say, tough act to follow), and it did their cut-and-dry routine no favors that we were tired out of our minds and yawning like assholes before they even got to the last three songs of their set. god, i felt so rude. but they're very fun and having six members allowed them to bounce their own energy off of each other and create something well worth seeing.

other Boston kids were there - though as usual, we didn't meet up, and they remain a mystery. but there's proof of their having been there:
Hello Gina
(more as they come along... if they come along?)
hey i saw you guys at this show, and the bloc party/mew show on friday. i was sort of drunk, so i didn't say hi.

i forget how many times i've seen sound team, but this was definitely the worst. the band was energetic and all of that, but the sound was mixed awfully. a hallmark of a typical TTs show...
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