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Monday, July 24, 2006
  Wolf Music
today we received an email from a guy calling himself "Wolf Music," and for some reason - out of all the artist emails we get - this one stuck out to me. i clicked his link, waded through the less-than-perfect english and very simple site layout (he warns: "I'm not a HTML programmer....So these pages won't get nominated for any kind of design award, that's for sure"), learning about his inspiration (RadioheadlateRadioheadallRadiohead) and his homestudio/songwriting background. okay, alright.

then i venture to the music page, and find about twelve or so songs up for download. i grab only the first page's worth and... well, you want to know how the music is, don't you?

::::courtesy of
Wolf Music - All The Way Back

- - - this track is tied with the third for my favorite, i think. it's sonorous, and a big sound for its home recording. heavy heavy Radiohead, here, but his vocals are nothing like Yorke's and he's just... hopeful. great entrances for the electric over the driving piano.
Wolf Music - Where I Wanna Be
- - - "And in case you wonder: the cheesy keyboard sound at the beginning is NOT an accident" - this was actually helpful to hear. it is cheesy, but it's catchy, and it's about as upbeat as you'll hear him get. good, though.
Wolf Music - Journey's End
- - - per his comments, this track is meant to lift the mood following a different song that precedes it on his personal list. that may be true, but this is another downer - again, in that addictive Radiohead kind of way. there are traces of R.E.M. here more than i picked up in any other track. also, anyone know The Church? they're a huge Aussie band that had most of their hits here in the late 80's/early 90's.. well this guy should pick up their stuff, because he sounds a LOT like them, especially vocally.

and there you are. you might be tired of Wolf bands, but i insist you'll enjoy these tracks.
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