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Monday, July 31, 2006
  The Bird And The Bee

::::mp3: The Bird And The Bee - I'm A Broken Heart

per a few posts by both Loudersoft and TTIKTDA(welcome back), i have been delighted to discover what will soon be my latest obsession, The Bird And The Bee. what you hear is the voice of the lovely Inara George coupled with the aiding musicianship of Greg Kurstin, of whom i have not heard heretofore. it's absolutely lovely pop music, defined on terms of their love for music and their compatible song-writing style. oh, hush, listen you loud-rocking fuckers!

so i never do this, but i'd like to let them cut to the chase for you:
Greg and Inara met a few years ago. Discovered a common love of jazz standards...nerded out for a couple of hours playing every song they knew...and then wrote and recorded a record together.

they plan to release a full record before January 2007 on Bluenote. i can tell you that i will be ecstatic to receive it.
thanks for the tip, shan...really digging these guys. as always, you're revealing the good stuff at the curled edges of the blogosphere. keep up the fantastic work!
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