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Saturday, July 22, 2006
  Ill Lit - Tom Cruise

i've been sitting on Ill Lit for weeks and weeks now, and without very good reason. maybe it was the name of the album - er, Tom Cruise, if you can believe it - or maybe it was the intense and album-cover-obvious country aspect. oh, so country. count-er-ee (i can't spell it phonetically or i'd be crossing huge lines, wouldn't you say?). yes, yes.

the thing is, it's good stuff. it's beautiful alt-country of the Wilco/Andrew Bird variety, complete with both organic acousticness and synthed-up beats and twists. it's pop, delicious pop, twinged with everything you love from alt country giants and everything you'd ask for in what could be its strongest aspect - the vocals. it is the answer to cravings and fulfillment of requests, like that cool wind drawing from you your deep breath on these hot days. i like every song. my final word? it's too good to be so entirely unknown as it is.

::::as always, here you are:
Ill Lit - Satan's Doing Fine Without Me
Ill Lit - Los Angeles

the shame is that very little of their information is updated to include the new album.
the myspace - check out some tracks..
buy it from cdBaby
i'll be at sound team/midlake/cwk on wednesday -- let's get a beer?
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