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Friday, July 21, 2006
  Lollapalooza: three bands
here i'm going to slip in three bands (all at once! yes!) that you probably (er, definitely) already know. i would just feel more comfortable if i had these out of the way because we're psyched that they're there and if you're going, you should be too.

Oh No! Oh My!

this blogger-friendly, Kentucky-residing Nashville-residing [what the hell was i talking about?] band has really gathered speed on their way to, er, indie stardom (we're all so full of ourselves with this hipster shit, aren't we?). kid-friendly melodies mixed with hilariously adult lyrics have given their self-titled debut LP quite a long time on Insound's Top Seller list, whether at #1 or #4 (as it is now), as well as a continous fury of blog mentions (which is an accomplishment in itself at our usual pace). i suggest you:
read Stylus's review (pshht, B-, whatever),
check their myspace for tour dates and stuff,
listen to their WOXY lounge act set,
and of course buy their album!

Cold War Kids

i typically don't like to use the word phenomenal because it's awfully hackneyed and besides, i like to stretch out my sentences as much as possible when i'm being hyperbolical. but CWK are so damn good in their live performances that it's very hard for me not to gush and say: wow. yep. phenomenal. predominantly beginning with their TnT/Figurines tour, these California rockers have widely caught the attention of bloggers, scenesters, and tour bookers alike - now following up with a tour supporting Sound Team and, of course, a spot on the crazy Lolla lineup.
catch up and:
check the 'space and seriously see them live
i don't know this guy, but he reviewed both CWK and Apollo Sunshine, which is the best fucking band ever.
everyone loves them... check around... blogger favorite.

Mates of State

i would imagine it would be insulting for me to actually start telling you about this San Fransisco girl/boy duo, so i won't. i love their sound and maybe even moreso their image - c'mon, what indie chick doesn't have some soft spot for couples that play sweet, sweet music together? (cough.) but cutesy references aside, this pair - along with the brother/sister element in Fiery Furnaces, and others - are continously paving the way for what seems like another genre altogether (much more acceptably than the White Stripes. as Nathanial pointed out in this IGIF post, more and more of these duos are cropping up with good sound and good intentions. they're free to rock like everyone else. if they're married, divorced, dating, related - we don't mind. let them hold hands and sing us a song.
do yourself a favor and:
check their myspace... just because.
listen on epitonic! those guys are so badass, i love them.
also listen on indie interviews, another site i adore. yess.
I think Miles' friend knows the band Oh No! Oh My!
We actually live in Nashville, Tennessee...but our home is Austin, Texas.

Not sure where the Kentucky thing came from.

But cool!
Daniel from Oh No! Oh My!
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