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Friday, July 14, 2006
  gone again. don't cry.
hey there, kids.

as usual we're skipping town for the weekend and heading back out to the condensed urban area that resides in that state we all know as the new York. that's right, New York City, again. what's up bagels.

our excuse for heading there is Coney Island's Siren Music Festival, which features some relatively good bands (Stars, TnT, Art Brut - i still like them!, The Stills - kind of, Dirty On Purpose... etc...). go to my super-reliable joint Oh My Rockness for a funny take on the whole thing ("She Wants Revenge: no comment" = our exact feelings).

i was hoping to go to Boris (aka Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, yessiree) at Mercury, but that's clearly not going to fly, so. if anyone has any recommendation of after 9 pm plans, hit up my screen name, will you?

anyway. join us Sunday night to see if the bands were worth the 90 degree heat. miss us.

we love you too.

[closed captioning provided by my lovers over at Oh My Rockness. i am infinitely jealous of you NYC indie scenesters. they do all the work for you. be grateful..]
i was really disappointed by this year's siren. small crowd and very few good bands, but the cyclone was awesome as always
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