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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  Ben Kweller, new mp3
considering how much i've always been into his stuff (Sha Sha is still my favorite, you can say anything you want) i can't believe i didn't know Ben Kweller was putting out a new album. but indeed he is. you can get the scoop on the release date and albumish stuff here (very handy dandy newslettery dealie). you can also discover the husband and father factors all over the message board and the myspace... actually, not so much the latter. yeah. whatever.

my point? the in-the-know asshole (i'm totally saying that as like a term of endearment, trust me) over at Stereogum has the "debut mp3" from the new album and i instruct you this instant to go check it out. right here. i'm personally excited about the new venture because... well, here:
The entire album was written and recorded by Ben. He played every instrument from drums to sleigh bells. Of course there's guitars and pianos and claps and glockenspiels and harmonicas and organs and much, much, more....And the title is simply, BEN KWELLER.

i like him. he's a good guy. go get the song, now.
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