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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  Lollapalooza: What Made Milwaukee Famous

What Made Milwaukee Famous

the fact that i have not yet written about this band is for no other reason than to save it as the kick-off band to what will be a very selective Lollapalooza profiling. this will last the few weeks we have left before we ship off to Chicago, and will concentrate on independent artists rather than wasting our breath telling you all about the Chili Peppers or The Shins. so here we are, Day One of this gig, fifteen days to go. first up is WMMF.

this Austin, TX based band is young and ambitious. when the news that their first LP release Trying To Never Catch Up was slated for release on Barsuk, the word that circulated through the blogs sounded a lot like warnings: basically, get yourself acquainted before everyone else does, and quickly.

though we've known about the signing for some time now, it's only been recently that WMMF has been spreading the word per their official site (linked above) and their myspace. the album's re-release will come out August 22nd, but you can can grab two tracks now thanks to their new uber-indie sign.

::::here you are. thank them, not us.
WMMF - I Decide
WMMF - Sweet Lady
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