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Monday, July 10, 2006
  Every Move A Picture: Boston debut 7.06 and record debut 7.11
disco rock has recently become almost trendy. record labels are signing band after band that rides their hi-hat like it's their job. there are plenty of bands that can play their sixteenth notes fine and record some synths for the background, but there aren't a ton who do it well.

welcome Every Move A Picture.

four guys from San Francisco whose only reachable web site is their myspace, who play "indie/new wave/alternative," and who have their act together. i get the new wave claim; they use a Mac with some pre-programmed beeps and blips for lack of a separate live keyboardist. the synth stuff is actually rather prominent on the album and even off the laptop live. at the core of it, though, their overall sound has a solid disco rock groove.

their debut album Heart=Weapon comes out tomorrow on V2 Records. it has ten songs, as is common for most debut indie releases, but it covers a wide spectrum of feeling within their genre. it's almost like they were told to follow a formula: you're supposed to have x many uptempo songs, a ballad or two, some singles, something quiet... so they took that and had a field day. sure, they have the right parts of the equation, but they went above and beyond the requirements. the music is tight, and they have a solid feel within their own sound. Brent Messenger has the perfect voice to mesh with Allen Davis's guitar and Joey Fredrick's bass. Dan Aquino is the rock, driving their sound from behind his set. they seem to know exactly what they're going for and have done it right for their first release.

::::listen up - four diverse tracks
Every Move A Picture - Signs Of Life
Every Move A Picture - The Best Is On The Outside
Every Move A Picture - Chemical Burns
Every Move A Picture - Outlaw

Dan again

as for their live show? they totally rocked the Paradise last thursday. the music is just as tight, the energy is pumping, and they don't rely on any one thing to pull their show. Brent's voice and performance isn't necessarily in the background, but it isn't the overpowering centerpiece; it just fits. Allen is off on his side, often caught in a power stance, facing the mysterious little dinosaur that we noticed halfway through the set. Dan is drumming by the light of the laptop, an eerie glow that leaves his limbs in a blueish blur over the set. Joey? he's kind of the average guy. he wears a striped sweater (which you'll find in some of their myspace pics) and stands in the same place, quietly and dutifully playing his part. they're a dynamic group with a dynamic sound, and well worth seeing and hearing.

the set listthe set list:

Chemical Burns
Mission Bell
On The Edge Of Something Beautiful (At 12 AM)
Love And Secession
The Best Is On The Outside
Signs Of Life
St. John's Night

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