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Sunday, July 09, 2006
  can i stay.

Ray Lamontagne
Until The Sun Turns Black

oh, simplification. oh emotion, rejection, anger heartbreak gut-wrenching fear. oh sonorous description. do you need words, or do you need enveloping sound; do you need it to take you away - you will be taken away. prefer not the doldrums of base words, inexplicable syllables hitting the otherwise silent air, darts of sound that maintain nothing but the name of good advice. what, in sound, is forever? that you converse with those that live around you is a necessity of humans as social animals.

but you hear these songs, and you tell me that there isn't more to sound. tell me you aren't gutted. tell me you are immune to the upset of your hair follicles and your skin's pimply reaction; tell me those aren't goosebumps. tell me it means nothing to compress every second of your waking experience to one song. tell me the notes, the composition, the little bits and pieces of a genius creation, an intangible joy - tell me these things aren't forever. tell me it only lasts so long. what, then, is it for? music was never for the quick high. it would seem that the petrification of time was always the goal - the descriptor of a thousand voices in a single guitar pluck. if none of this rings, sounds, screams true - i do call you a liar or i declare your time of death. life brings this noise to you from human conduits of universal emotion. this sound is life.

Ray Lamontagne - Be Here Now
Ray Lamontagne - Empty
Ray Lamontagne - Three More Days
Ray Lamontagne - You Can Bring Me Flowers

i want to leave it at that. there is nothing i could say about the man that this doesn't tell you. you know his voice, you know about the strings, you know about Trouble and you know if you liked it. you know if you're watching for the next.
Thasnks for posting these. I'm all over Ray's new tracks. As a frequent member of his messageboard, I can only say that I welcome the new direction and I welcome these songs being leaked. I'm still going to buy the damn record when it hits the shelves at the end of next month and with these tracks I am now able to promote Ray's new record even more. People forget that we don't have radio anymore (unless you have high spead internet or $ radio). This is our only means of hearing new music and spreading the glourious sounds with non-believers.
I can agree that this man is amazing. After sitting here listening to these four new tracks I want it to be August 29th so bad!!! I have also heard "Can I Stay" which is also an amazing song. I don't know how you can't listen to his music and feel it right in your gut. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear his voice. Sometimes it has so much emotion behind it that the emotion wells up in me and its too much. "Burn" is a good example of that. Someone said to me one time they wished that song was longer. I don't know if we would be able to take more of that song. August 29th here we come!
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