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Thursday, June 22, 2006
  stuff and stuff.
not quite sure why i'm not sleeping right now. i feel a little like Brooklyn Vegan - only without the out of control reader traffic. i think the post i just linked you to was at 4:37 am yesterday. if i'm still awake in two and a half hours, i don't want to be me tomorrow.

anyway. since safari decided to disappear in the middle of a longer, cooler, more interesting post, i'll just link you elsewhere so you don't notice my five year old foot-stomping hissy fit. this is stuff from the last few days, while i've been reviewing shows and doing interviewish things.

  • i can't actually access the song myself (damn mac vs. pc feuds), but you have no idea how much i wish i could: stereogum has Teddy Geiger covering the Postal Service. oh, you bet.

  • i ran across Bradley's Almanac (great read) in a little Boston blog congregation over at rbally, and i'm psyched to say that along with Dany at Exitfare our little Boston cohort is growing. yay Beantown.

  • Marathonpacks points us towards The Anchor Center as one of his past students gets a video blog and friggin tools on a video feature of Aberdeen City. i highly recommend checking it out.

  • Conor at IGIF continues with the quality mixes and also manages to put all of my feelings towards Pitchfork into words. i'd been thinking of writing something myself, and then i read this, and thought he pretty much did it for me.

  • i tend to like these chart reports by torr. i think creative aggregations of infomation are kind of priceless. for instance, pretty much anything by largehearted boy.

    oh, man. fuck everything. i'm going to bed.

    have you read our interview with Justin? scroll down.
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