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Monday, May 15, 2006
  a nice sampling of things.
a few quick CD reviews with other places to grab the mp3s. because for now, we're freeloaders too.

SOUND team
Austin, TX: Capitol Records
around these parts (these being the blogosphere, i suppose), everyone is waiting with breath caught in their throats for sound team's Movie Monster to be released. as the tripwire says, "Sound Team basically churned out an album that will be the soundtrack to every indie kids' summer, effectively constructing a defining moment in each ones' lifetime that they will refer to for years to come as 'that summer when I listened to Sound Team until my ears fell off.'" i love you, tripwire. and they're right (well, Matt DuFour is right) - it's the next big thing. it helps just a bit that they're on a major label. but the album is fantastic - straight indie rock, versatile sounds, never a dull moment. i've listened to it about 36 times. - scroll to the bottom to download free mp3s
myspace to just listen

The Weepies
Boston/Topanga, CA ish: Nettwerk
by the sheer amount of times i have listened to this CD in only a week, i have to recommend this band. when a friend tipped me off to them after "The World Spins Madly On" was on Scrubs, i instantly fell for their sound despite the mushy, cutesy band name. it is simple, wonderful acoustic/rock pop with a folky flair. Deb Talan's voice, in particular, is unusual and captivating. lovely, kids. keep going.
The Weepies official site
- listen especially to the first two tracks
The Weepies on Nettwerk

Persephone's Bees
Oakland, CA: Columbia Records
it's a little weird that i have two bands with major labels so far. the thing about this one is: their album isn't coming out until August. so i'm a little early. frontwoman Angelina Moysov is, no surprise, from Russia, and her accent gives the prog pop rock a foreign twang (if a Russian accent can actually twang) that is refreshing and fits in well especially with their first single, Nice Day. go get the mp3 from my old kentucky blog.
official site - media player, "Nice Day" starts playing

Margot & The Nuclear So And So's
Indianapolis, IN: Artemis
this - count 'em - eight person band is extremely, extremely good. they are a complicated and wonderful mixture of my favorite genres: indie pop, rock, folk and alt country. their album Dust of Retreat came out on March 28 with very little press, but i've got them now and discovered just in time that they're playing at Great Scott on the 22nd. i think i have to hit that up. in the meantime, take my word for it. this album is a complex and lovely integration of every style of music you love. i mean it.
official site
Srubs is such a good show. Love that Srubs. Though I do dislike srubbing floors.
Oh I really do like the weepies. Well done. On some level, they remind me of the Ditty Bops, but perhaps it's just the adorable names.
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