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read the blog. we'll drag you through concerts, websites, new music reviews and the same stuff you read everywhere else. except here, we're ruled by a creature whose memory is three seconds long. it's a tough swim.

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Friday, May 05, 2006
  so begins our alabee
introductions feel necessary.

so this is toaster the goldfish.

he’s a good guy. a little demanding, a little haughty. but deserves to be so, because he's so damn smart.

he also has really great taste in music. that's why we're here. he's picky as hell and not really good at using a computer mouse, so we've got his back.

in the meantime, those you'll be conversing with are alex and shan. you can call him alex or alexander, he doesn't mind. and don't worry about her. she's just shan. you can learn more about us if you venture into the blog profiles. we do not encourage shyness.

and as it appears... we are indeed another music blog... but not just any, because we have the culturing of a helpless orange creature on the line. it's important business. we'll bring you back his opinions of any new music we find, or shows, or travels or pictures or other blogs or other goldfish or just anything that seems worth commenting on.

so? so. rock on, roll the windows down, play it loud.

[title is of montreal. mmhmmmm.]
Great blog!
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