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Sunday, May 14, 2006
  if i kiss you where it's sore, will you feel better?

okay, i'll admit it.

when a friend sent me a Regina Spektor song about a year ago, i didn't like it. it was from Soviet Kitsch, of course - "Better," i think - and to tell you the truth, i just couldn't slow down for it. i was obsessed with Bloc Party at the moment, and i was throwing in similar speeds like Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Hot Hot Heat, and some other really overdone stuff. it was just a bad time.

this is sort of unfortunate.

now here i am, looking at a June 13th release date for Begin To Hope on Sire Records (aka WB), and thinking: wow. good job, shan. you really missed the boat on this one.

so i'm making up for lost time now by telling you, believe me. believe the latecomer. believe the one who finally got around to believing everyone else: it's good. Begin To Hope is a wonderful album, full of the same attitude and "anti-folk" fun as before - same piano, same visiting instruments, even a little more guitar this time. perfect.

still time to get Soviet Kitsch. and i recommend it, as i was recommended. since you probably don't own an amphibious vehicle, it means you won't dare drive out in this flooding rain, so go buy it from Insound.

really, really well done: official site
Reg on myspace
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