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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  cha cha cha

i wanted to go on forever about my feelings on Rolling Stone and why indie-scenesters can't just discredit it, though i'm sometimes tempted to myself. and so i did. but i did it elsewhere. click to read all of that.

as for bands, here's a real find.

The Little Ones, Sing Song EP. this unsigned LA band is (maybe) the best i will be including on this list. i adore them. i adore their sound, i adore their representation, i adore their influences. they are blogosphere darlings, inevitably sunshine pop mixed with that occasional folky twang, and so yeah: they sound like your usual suspects, spearheaded by the shins. sorry, guys. is it possible to write about them without the reference? they set themselves up with the cover art. thetripwire review

the kids love this one. until i get my act together with this mp3 business, you can grab most of the tracks off of the ep by visiting the following mp3 blogs, all of whose visitor traffic is just slightly higher than ours:
Rock Insider
LA based blog. admittedly, JAX gave them away to me back in april.


as i understand it, they haven't really gotten their asses out of california, and considering toaster is boston-based i see it useless to post their show dates. sigh.
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