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Saturday, May 06, 2006
  california, rest in peace
so. my first post on here. i have quite the reputation to uphold going into this, what with toaster looking on from just above, and shan just below. well, let me introduce myself:

i like puppies and cupcakes and long walks on the bea-

wait. scratch that. music.

the red hot chili peppers are releasing a new album on may 9th. i know, i know, they sold out, they're so mainstream, how can you listen to that crap... but hark! stadium arcadium, their first album in four years and one of the most anticipated albums of the spring, proves more of a return to their funk rock roots. there is still plenty of that smooth pop rock that we have grown accustomed to, but flea is back with a vengeance and anthony kiedis's vocals will have you thinking you're listening to blood sugar sex magik all over again at points. even the first single, "Dani California" (from whence come the lyrics that make this entry's title), is full of funk and leaves room for a guitar solo breakdown after some catchy choruses and interesting falsetto b-sectins.

and even better [or more bizarre?] - the chili peppers are headlining, in the sense that they are probably the most mainstream act and first listed, lollapalooza. also on the bill, 130 bands which you may or may not have heard of. kanye west and matisyahu among them, but more importantly the shins, death cab for cutie, the flaming lips, the raconteurs (jack white's new endeavor), the new pornographers, the dresden dolls, nada surf, of montreal, and so on and so forth until we come to

mute math. those who know me would say i only like them because they have to do with math, but that's not true. sure, it made their name catch my eye, but they're good. they're listed on myspace as alternative/indie/rock, but what does myspace know. they have some of the electronic flavor of radiohead and some slightly slower ballad-feeling songs with instrumentals almost reminiscent of minus the bear, and you'll be convinced you're listening to sting and/or the police for a good portion of the cd. the cd, which is not available in stores. so click the album cover to the right and buy direct from them. i'm told they put on a hell of a show, too, and i believe it. good thing we'll be there in august.

Great blog!
yes, mutemath. a must have in my book.

Nice new blog. Keep fighting the good fight!
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