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Sunday, May 14, 2006
  yes, literally, The Avalanche
so it's raining like fucking hell around here, and i'm wondering when my teeny hometown was relocated to the Seattle area. or, you know, the Indian monsoon region. just asking.

in the meantime, the pouring-down of all this water reminds me of something.. rocks, snow, pummeling down great steep slopes, being buried.. ah, yes, an avalanche. The Avalanche, if i may: Sufjan Steven's upcoming release.

you may be disappointed with this post. i will not gush. there will be no raving. instead, i'm going to point you in his direction if you don't already know him:

  • his myspace, where you can listen

  • asthmatic kitty records, his only site for now (another pending)

  • a wiki write-up, for convenience

  • don't be shy. links open in a new window. click the myspace if that's all you have time for.

    it's soof-yan, by the way.

    the rest of this post will piss most of you off. why? because i have to say something.

    i love him so much. i love his music with every inch of my noise-hearing paraphernalia. toaster does too, god damn it: it's Illinois or bust. he is an absolute genius: just check out the wiki article devoted to Illinois alone.

    but the thing is, it's too much. the appropriateness of his upcoming's title is almost laughable, because it's essentially what it is. every god damn indie lover and their music-savvy grandmother appreciated and adored his last album with every muscle fiber (and his others, if they knew their shit). now the outtakes? and they're just as amazing and brilliant and fulfilling as the last album?

    can any of us actually stomach that much perfection?

    sufjan. you have been said to be the future of music, far ahead of your time. and i entirely agree. i love you.

    but maybe i just love you too much.
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