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Thursday, May 25, 2006
  if you don't know by now
i love when track titles work really well to the subject of my posts.

there is a buzz rising about this band Office, and i can see why. they seem to have been discovered by the blogosphere when they played at SxSW this year - and the consensus is certainly that it was a shame they weren't signed. i have to agree, because though i wasn't at SxSW, i wished hard enough that i was, and also their album is really damn good. oh, it really is.

don't try searching for them, because it's impossible. also, don't expect to learn too much about them, wherever you do look (you'll find the same press photo everywhere, too - i purposefully tried to switch it up). go to their myspace, which i linked you to above, or go to their bare-bones official site. you can also go to Good Hodgkins (which i highly recommend) to get not one, not two, but three free and wonderful mp3s from their self-released album Q & A. i guess it's only available at their concerts right now. whoops.

I Guess I'm Floating also got these guys a few days ago, and if you want to read anything else, Office shamelessly lists their reviews on their myspace. but go to IGIF to get one more mp3.

i actually really like their band name, even though Google hates it (as GH humorously pointed out, but was apparent by my own searches as well).
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