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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
  more Margot
as promised, more pictures from the festivities in Allston. if i actually do have better photos, it's because i take them excessively. i know no restraint with a digital camera.

...i might be taller, too.

the setup before the show.
the fun corner: Hubert Glover on trumpet, Casey Tennis rocking out, Jesse Lee on cello.
some rocking: Emily Watkins and her piano and microphone, Andy Fry on electric guitar, Richard Edwards on acoustic guitar and vocals.
less rocking.
smashing things (like drums with guitars) and making lots of noise for the finale. you can see Chris Fry on drums back there and maybe some of Tyler Watkins playing bass.
the breakdown as soon as the show ended, with a better shot of Jesse Lee.

all in all, a great show. i, too, feel a little bad that we skipped out on Film School, but we did go for Margot and we both had to work at an unnaturally early time for kids our age.

unrelatedly, it looks like i have a thing for disco rock. expect blurbs on Rock Kills Kid, Boy Kill Boy, and Every Move A Picture in the near future. Snow Patrol's new album will be in there somewhere too, but that isn't disco rock in the least.

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