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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
  Margot at Great Scott, 5.22
oh, i love shows. i love them.

last night we bombed over to Allston to see Margot &TNSAS's at Great Scott. i just love those guys, and after seeing them live, i'm totally sold. they are the most eclectic kickass eight-person live act i have ever seen. i guess they're the only eight-person band i've seen live...

i love it when bands don't conventionally play all of their potential single-sounding songs first, but start off with a few alternative openers - and that's exactly what these guys did. Talking In Code was a very cool second song - and then the crowd cheered as they smoothly launched right into the single, Skeleton Key. this song is extremely good because of all its little intricacies, but it's a little like a wham-bam affair when it's live and you can't necessarily hear every ping and twiddle. that's right. ping and twiddle. you can get this mp3 from Chromewaves, here.

the rest of the set was pretty amazing. my personal favorites were the two closers, Quiet As A Mouse and Barfight Revolution, Power Violence; they were a reverberating entity of powerful sound and volume. we were right there at the stage, and we were almost blown away. they were so into their music... especially Casey Tennis, who on their band bio is described as the guy who "played more drums and banged on things with mallets." he's basically the most entertaining individual in the room - nevermind on the stage. go see them and you'll know what i mean.

here's an at-a-glance version of the set list:
Talking In Code
Skeleton Key
On A Freezing Chicago Street
Paper Kitten Nightmare
Vampires In Blue Dresses
Quiet As A Mouse
Barfight Revolution, Power Violence

note: my track-name-from-memory prowess was a little crippled. i knew track #s more than names. hence the blanks.

and yes, we were bad kids and left before the very amazing and talented Film School. but that's because we were bad kids that had to work in the morning.

you'll get another post from alex with better photos. this is usually the case. is it because he's taller....?

ALSO, what's up with this bullshit?! sound team finally announced a headlining tour i can track and yet, do you see the east coast on that list? they don't even have NY. i would trek to Bowery or something to see them. sigh.
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