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Monday, February 05, 2007
  repost: The Little Ones
hey there, dear readers. i'll just tell you you're lucky this blogger even made it out of bed long enough to type these words. i ain't feelin' so hot. and by that i mean, i'm half way to dying. yeah. so that's why, today, you're getting a re-post on a band i've been listening to on loop lately.

The Little Ones
[original post]
no matter how long ago i wrote on this band, i've never stopped loving them. in fact, my love has only grown. they've come a long way since my original post. the LA band is now signed to Astralwerks in the US, Heavenly in the UK, and touring with the likes of Boy Least Likely To, Magic Numbers, Kaiser Chiefs, The Walkmen... and all on one single EP.
::::one of the most frustrating things about 2006 was that i came away from it with only 7 songs by The Little Ones.
The Little Ones - Oh, MJ!
-- i'm completely serious when i attest to the genius i think was put into making this song. it just grabs me like very little else can. it has the power to turn this band into one of my very favorites, ever. if their record ends up being thirteen takes of just this track, i don't think they could do better.

The Little Ones on myspace, on the hype, and by highly recommended purchase.
I share your love of the Little Ones. Every song is really catchy, thanks for this one.

thank you, you have successfully rekindled my love for the little ones in a tiny little post.
I discovered the little ones about a year ago through another blog (and have only just started reading yours) but your post rekindled my love, and made me order another copy of the EP, this one for a friend!
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