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Thursday, October 19, 2006
  Damien Rice - 9 (sampler)
the manner by which these songs have been slowly permeating the blogosphere seems so typical for the artist. it has been slow. not slow-slow, not jumpy, not neglected or forgotten or rejected. but they're taking their time. they're moving at their own pace. and... on... it... goes...

what i have come in the last few days to affectionately call The Nine Sampler (just called "9") is a step ladder: it goes up from the music Damien Rice produces that I find very difficult (unless i have or want a razor to my wrists) - to the kind of music that makes me bother writing about DR in the first place. 9 Crimes the track, which you can get just by sifting through the hype there, is an example of the former songs. it's why O is such a problematic album for me, and it's also why i've been told i have no appreciation for emotional music. this may be true, but hear me out. though the track builds very well (classic DR), it only fizzles back out to disappointment, so a lovely progression of intensely gorgeous music ends up trying to get you somewhere - trying - rising - leaning - struggling - ah - - - no. slide back down the slope. and the violin (the violin!) plays on. it rips me apart, man. it's god damn too emotional (note: not, NOT emo).

but! you want to talk about fantastic, amazing, incredible Damien Rice music? keep listening to the sampler:

::::Damien Rice - Elephant
in the beginning i was positive that i was only going to throw this sampler in among the land of O, beautiful (gorgeous, brilliant) liner notes wasted on music that can't reach me (for fear of actually causing depression). but as the track progressed, i recognized an element from the B-Sides - which i loved (most of). i heard the potential. i heard the build. i waited - you bet i waited - it's worth it, when it's DR. and he floats with that guitar. the voice hands you along, every word passing your attention onto the next, riveting you to the energy, aware of a climax coming, you're just sure it'll come this time, on - and on - and on -
...the end. the end is worth the wait. if anything, the slow movement, the passing along - it does the end more justice. it fucking explodes.

::::Damien Rice - Me, My Yoke, And I
AH. and then, you climb to the next wrung of this poorly-used metaphorical step ladder, and you get to my absolute favorite brand of Damien Rice. it is so fucking insane that i have to swear about it. when it's worth it for a ripping, balls-out performance, he's the best. there are few people better, really. this man can translate emotion (see? i get it) into music like no one out there right now. he is on a playing field sparse with artists that either i don't know (blues/jazz) or that have been there for so long (screw it, you know them) that they're unmentionable. they are now underwear - unmentionables. oh, man, this music gets SO good that it renders me inarticulate, nonsensical. sweet.

ah, enjoy. let them seep through the internet, let them seep under your skin, let me know how you feel. i recommend taking one dose of 9 crimes, two of Elephant, and please - over and over, My Yoke.

again, hit up the hype, because those fuckers know what they're talking about.
....see? Damien Rice makes me so profane. you know what i'm talking about if you know the B-Sides.

pre-order 9, the actual ten-track album, due out November 14th.
freakin' yummy, man...
freakin' yummy...
check out you can listen to the WHOLE album - it won't let you down.
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