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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
  Loney, Dear: now on Sub Pop and my headphones.

i was loyally and passionately sold by Loney, Dear the very first time i heard them ("The City The Airport"). this happens so rarely in my life that i can sit here and list the bands for you (The Flaming Lips, Band of Horses, Annuals - just to name three that span very different time periods). so you can imagine that the post to follow will be over-the-top and full of exaggerative praise. while that might be the truth, my ultimate goal is to get you to trust me -- unlike the rest of the blogworld, i don't jump on any big name, and i don't rush to give you the ticking bombs first. i am in earnest.

they have impossibly perfect representation. one look at their website (linked above) and you will realize an aesthetic philosophy of mine exemplified to a T. they are artistic not only by means of layout and photography (and font choice, even), but by their music as well. creatively, carefully, craftily they compose their works with a wide range of instruments and influences, sending my eardrums into euphoria. they are emotional without being "emo" (not in any sense, at all) and clever without being corny. i'm not surprised to know they're (or "he's," as it's mainly one guy, Emil Svanängen) from Sweden, because the music shows the same understanding for pop -- and yet it goes infinitely deeper than that, bringing the listener out of him- or herself and changing something, irrevocably. it's quietly moving. say what you will, this new Sub Pop signing has me (trulymadlydeeply).

::::care to fall as well?
Loney, Dear - I Am John
Loney, Dear - Hard Days

both tracks are from their upcoming Loney, Noir, available on Sub Pop.
head to the hype to find more tracks, especially from the amazing Sologne.

also! the beautiful, beautiful website has a bunch of thirty-second song clips you can download, right here. highly recommended.


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