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Sunday, September 24, 2006
  Ben Kweller gives of himself freely. and you?
we here at Noise For Toaster - the boston bloggers extraordinaire, the lovely loving losers of independent music and fish-keeping, the swashbuckling pirate and realultimatepowered ninja, the butchers and bakers and candle-stick makers - you know, us - we'd like to ask you a question.

why can't we all just be happy?

why the crying? why so pensive, so melancholy, so worrisome? why the hurrying? why rush past, why slam the door, why keep the change? why the car and not the walk? why the books, the paints, the labs, the type type type type - why backwards bending, why complication, why think it over 'til it's rotten? why the fear, the problem rotisserie?

why not sit back for just a second. no - no no, just a second. it's good for you.

why not Ben Kweller?

::::i can't see why not.
Ben Kweller - Run
Ben Kweller - I Don't Know Why
Ben Kweller - This Is War
- deliciously upbeat.

and i want to say: wake up! get up, get back, you're fine. i promise. a hundred million things on your shoulders, a hundred million steps still left under your feet, a hundred million zings and pangs leaking out from that grayish pulp between your ears - just add a little headphone into each and stop the gap with these sounds. i promise, everything's happier with a little Ben Kweller.
to salvage the rest, run (run, let's run, let's run) to the hype.
i know his story - my love affair with the man has been long-running - but if you don't, i suggest you check out everything else by him (Sha Sha, On My Way), mind the 'space, and say hello to his lovely label, ATO.
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