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Friday, September 22, 2006
  Beck - The Information
okay. here's the deal. it's friday afternoon, it's a nice day, you're trying to get off work early or you're just sitting there itching to get out of your last class. well i have some information for you - The Information.

Beck - The Information

Beck Hansen. commonly known only as Beck. this man is a genius of sorts. of all the music he's made, he has never done the same thing twice. no two albums are really of similar sound or theme. his lyrics may seem completely nonsensical, but it's only fitting for the image he has created.

my time is a piece of wax, too, Beck.

The Information drops on october third, the same day as eighteen thousand other highly anticipated albums, and while you and i may have been disappointed by the first track we heard from The Killers, Beck will not let you down.

it's different of course. heavy drum beats, highly produced electronic blips and beeps, barebones instrumentation for a lot of it, but so much going on - it's a smorgasbord for your ears. i loved Guero for what it was, and i am currently loving this for different reasons. there seems to be a middle eastern theme to a lot of the songs, from minor drifting melodies to plucking guitars to the harmonic tones introduced by bells and triangles and the pounding beat of almost-tribal drums, all opposite a faint rising keyboard and Beck's calming baritone. the 8-bit noises have carried over from his experimentations and remixes but he's found an entirely different groove. it's darker and creeping at points, contrasted by a harmonica solo and a string section. there's just so much that went into it, and so much that i'm hearing the second and third and fourth times through it that i missed previously; it's a whole new listening experience.

::::enough now, see for yourself:
Beck - Strange Apparition
Beck - 1000BPM

::::special bonus, because i can't get enough:
Beck - Think I'm In Love
[highly recommended]

[NOTE: our file hosting is giving us trouble right now. if the downloads do not work immediately, keep trying.]

if you're smart, you'll check out the Hype for a few tracks that have already been floating around. it wouldn't hurt to stop by his myspace, either. and seriously, preorder this now, from Amazon.
Awesome! Where'd the others go? Have an AIM I can tap you at for Jane and Info?
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