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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
  Lollapalooza: Day 2
we woke up the next morning exhausted and cramped, but so ready for more. we made more of this day than Friday, but we certainly didn't do all that we could. you know where to go to read more (but i'll make a list of links later). even through the heat, we managed to see some of the best.

Be Your Own Pet
Jamina's frontwoman antics make this band. sure, the music is awesome; it's noisy poppy punky rock stuff, and it's hard not to like - especially after you see them live. it's sort of a scene as well as a musical genre - or maybe it's the lack thereof that does it for you. anyway, the extra special guitar ripping and bass dripping and drum smashing that draws you in - and man, does Jamina spit you out. patooie.

click click for the flickr set set. yep yep.

i've never seen her live before, and though we only caught the first fifteen minutes of her set, we found her incredible. surprise. her voice is clear as a bell and she manages to involve the audience in the singing and make everyone fall in love. quite the crowd, as well..

the lovely flickr set

Oh No! Oh My!
we left feist expressly to see this tennessee band. i love these guys. i mean, i just do. their lyrics crack me up and their live performance proved their musical capability almost more than i expected (and i already had high expectations). they were funny guys, too, and very social with the audience that crowded AMD. and i expected that too.

click for full flickr set

Gnarls Barkley
this set was hands-down amazing. i was actually very surprised at how much i enjoyed it - even if a girl did barf on my foot. Gnarls exuded such oozy confidence that we were all coated with his "everyone loves everyone" vibe and left dripping with ours and everyone else's sweat. it wasn't the orgy Cee-lo was trying to prompt, however; when at one point he invited the ladies to, if they started to feel the song get up under their skin, "take out some titties" - no one obliged him. i wonder if that just shows the nature of the indie crowds, or if it was too early in the day for people to be drunk enough. who knows.

and here is this flickr set. photos not too bad for the distance.

we were unable to check out the acts that created the most buzz - The Flaming Lips, Manu Chao, etc. don't ask why. but we were quite happy at the end of the day.
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