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Saturday, August 12, 2006
  let me direct you elsewhere.
it feels like it's been a really long time since i've caught up with the world outside of my own blog (not so, it's been like a week and a half, tops) so i'm going to kind of ramble on about what i've liked this week and what's going on this very minute that i'd like to stick my nose in. yeah, whatever, just pretend i'm largehearted boy for a sec:

  • hot off the Pitchfork press is an interview with Thom Yorke, which in my opinion went extremely well. if it's even possible, my respect for him grows all the time.

  • looks like we go to all the festivals that aren't blogger-popular whatsoever. go check out marathonpacks' take on day one of Midwest Music Summit because admittedly, he's kind of one of the only bloggers whose posts i read all the way through. you know how you do it... you read the first paragraph or so, move on to the next post.. cough.

  • so shoot me, i didn't know about this video by OK Go until Coolfer posted about it today (concerning grassroots marketing). i know OK Go pretty well - i own both of their albums, though i like the first self-titled album better than the latest. and they've always been... well, you know, they've always been OK. but this video is fucking brilliant. it's a choreographed series using the four members of OK Go and treadmills. brilliant. do watch, if you're like me and you missed it.

  • who didn't guess this? Lily Allen signed to Capitol. it's only a matter of time, now, kids..

  • fuck yeah, Brazilian Girls have their new album coming sooooon. stay tuned for my review. in the meantime, get a new mp3 from Muzzle Of Bees.

  • since we here at NfT are really into Silversun Pickups, you should definitely go read about them (in their current explosion) at Brooklyn Vegan. lucky bastard saw them three times or something, and has up some pretty kickass photos. while you're at it, go see Matt at Skatterbrain for a great mp3. i'm freeloading with other bloggers' mp3s today, sorry about that.

  • speaking of Matt, he's on fire the last week or so with the exact genre of music with which i'm totally obsessed. he had a really great find with his post on Holy Shit, whom I'll probably be posting about as well. go look at two dudes kissing.

  • lastly (talk about a seriously non-inclusive list) jennings (rbally) posted on the YYYs/TV on the Radio show. looks like outdoor events aren't exactly Karen O's specialty - but you know what? i'm not surprised at all. as i commented on his post, there are a lot of bands that are just not suited for either large audiences (festival/outside) or large venues (Boston's Orpheum or, gulp, Agannis). YYYs is one of them.

    i'll have a bajillion things to post after this weekend. until then, bear with me. and listen to The Bicycles. so damn good.
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