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Friday, August 11, 2006
  The Format @ Axis, 8.10

last night i learned how much of a spoiled concert-goer i am. with terribly, inconveniently early show times (first set started at 5:15!), missing much-looked-forward-to acts Rainer Maria and Anathallo, plus a mix up with no photo passes - we were a little lost as to how the average, unobsessive individual goes about their live show experience. it was a healthy opportunity to get outside my own little self-absorbed little bubble and take a look around.

well. what i found at last night's Format show was that their "average, unobsessive" fans actually don't exist. everyone in that sold out audience adored them. they knew every word, oldest to latest albums, and stared enrapturedly up at leadman Nate as he sang. it made the show that much better, actually; the band brought an incredible wave of emotion and pop energy over the crowd, kids frequently illuminated by stage lights to reveal them in their unstirring engagement. everyone hung onto every word, every note. all of the energy created on stage was thusly thrown back - involving both artist and fan in some chemically bonding promise of glorious pop music. oh Format, play on. keep it alive. never cease. never pause. never -

it was enough to make any unobsessive fan catch the Format bug, let the infectious relationship between stage and floor take over their cold hearts and motionless bodies and start shamelessly belting every note.

not that that was me, or anything.

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