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Thursday, June 01, 2006
  Thom Yorke's The Eraser leaked.
so. everyone knows.

....oh no.

everything leaks, guys. even the chili peppers leaked. it's just how it goes.

yet - it's actually the first headline on the yahoo homepage, and they have this quick and uninformative blurb all written up about it. if anything, that's just alerting everyone that they can go and grab it now. good job, kids. good plan.

instead of reviewing it himself, Picasso wrote it up for everyone else's comment. i liked that idea. but i'm going to go ahead and do the self-absorbed thing and tell you what i think, instead.

he did warn us: "Inevitably it is more beats and electronics." and it certainly is - that's about all it is. you can check my previous post for links to all of what it's about and his cryptic messages and such. me? i personally like it.

i'm not presently obsessed with Radiohead - i was, at one time, like most people. but i still love them. and i still love Yorke's voice. and if there is anything this record does, it highlights Yorke's melancholy vocals - but also tests them in new ways. forgive me if i'm remiss, but does "Skip Divided" have some elements of soul to it? humming to back his talking - and don't mind me while i just insert the name Beck and leave it there. and on "Black Swan," he's hardly interested in soaring above the instrumentals - he kind of blends in - and the product is pretty wonderful.

i think it's a great departure, very fun, if not expected. but still fulfilling. worth waiting for? nine tracks to munch on while we wait for Radiohead? sure.

yep, that's it. could i write more? certainly. i could rip this thing apart until i say things like "i love the turn And It Rained All Night takes at about 2:20 into the song," but i won't. you'll acquire it now and buy it in a month (you best buy it, people, if you download and love it) and you'll know what i'm talking about.

turn it up.
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