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Friday, May 26, 2006
  the hotter the wetter the better.
okay. it's time to plug a really great band.

you all should know about Apollo Sunshine.

Apollo Sunshine

around these parts, the biggest and the best of the indie crowd get noticed and syndicated by WFNX, the local independent/alternative radio station, and The Phoenix, which should need little introduction. they run a Best Music Poll, and Apollo Sunshine has won Best New Artist, Best Artist, and now Best Act (2006 Best Music Poll) - which you can read about here.

anyway. last night Jesse Gallagher, Sam Cohen, Jeremy Black, and semi-newbie Sean Aylward got a sweet break - in the form of opening up for Matisyahu at the Boston (Bank of America) Pavilion with Atmosphere. this is a part of their Best Music Poll win - and it's pretty exciting. they're definitely the best local band (from Andover, MA) and people swear by seeing them live. i am one of those people. they're quite the charmers, and they know how to party.

they're alt country, definitely, but more Wilco and less... pop. their self-titled sophomore release is a significant maturing from their first album, Katonah, in terms of developing their personal genre and style. as far as this goes, they don't like to be pigeon-holed, certainly: just listen for yourself at their myspace. basically they're an all-around, up-front, crazy ass rock band - but they have their flair. and you hear Wilco quite a bit. for more refined ears, you hear a very heavy Beatles influence, especially the White Album: songs like "Helter Skelter" and "Why Don't We Do It In The Road," and even some "Long, Long, Long.".

it just so happened that i was at a backyard performance by these guys a while back. you guys deserve a look.

jesse gallagher and sean aylward sam cohen
jeremy black jesse - wild guy.

the original three

they're pretty sweet. check out their tour schedule and go see them.
Great pictures and music analogy; I'm wondering whether their third album is visible on the horizon?
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