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Friday, June 16, 2006
  no friends?
well then we'll tell you how to make some! here are a few easy steps that Toaster recommends for fast results.

step 1: note the location of our sidebar [hint: it's on the right side of the window of this page].
 step deux: scroll down the sidebar until you see the large letters that spell out "boston area shows."
 step III: find a band you like in the list, put the date and location on your datebook/planner/calendar/post-it/arm and find your way to the venue's homepage for ticket and time information. [Google can help you with that, i'm sure.]
 step eye-vee: get dressed, put on some shoes, check your fly, and make your way to your venue of choice.
 step five: before and after the band plays, make conversation with someone around you. chances are, if they're at the show too, you two have something in common. swap names and phone numbers and embark on your journey to funland.

and there it is! you're on your way to being the most popular kid in the greater boston area. who knew?!

so we'll keep adding shows as we find out about them, and we'll make note of it when we plan to be at one. the ones in that blue color with our initals after them are shows that we either have tickets for, will have tickets for, or will show up at. or those crossed out ones, which we've already gone to. then you can find our reviews of the shows by clicking on - where else - our respective initials! then maybe you'll learn something new or unexpected and suddenly have plans for next time they're in town! who knows?!

today's lesson brought to you by the letter p for papaya and the number fourteen.

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