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Thursday, June 15, 2006
  some Mints, some Octopi, some Figurines, and some nonsense.
so check it out:

  • we went and saw Starlight Mints last night. hot damn. i was pretty excited, i'd have to say. i too came away with a sticker, a button, and a window cling, as well as a tshirt. i love tshirts. i also came away with some photographs. my camera and i are getting to know each other pretty intimately these past few weeks:

    The Octopus Project

    Starlight Mints, after we weaseled our way to the front of the crowd

       both bands took full advantage of the wonderful world of technology. TOP is based around the concepts of guitar versus synth, drum set versus drum machine, man versus computer. the Mints had two Mac notebooks of their own out in plain view, for a lot of the horn and string stuff. it was great, and definitely exceeded expectations for such a small room. the crowd was feeling it, too.

  • if you refer to the last picture of The Octopus Project's set, you will see the female, Yvonne, with her hands sort of hovering above a box with some metal rods sticking out of it [shan has a better picture of it in action, here]. as promised, i have a brief explanation: basically, it's called a theremin, and it was the first instrument in the world intended to be played without any physical contact. Wikipedia can explain in detail here, but i'll summarize for you anyway. the metal antennae generate high-frequency radio signals, and are affected by how close a body is to them. the long straight one, generally controlled by the right hand, determines the pitch, while the looped antenna, controlled by - you guessed it - the left hand, determines the volume. it's quite the contraption and requires a hell of a lot of skill to master and command, so more credit goes to Yvonne and The Octopus Project for taking advantage of a rather obscure instrument.

  • i promised some live tracks from the Tapes 'n Tapes and Figurines show on the fifth, didn't i? well, we'll start you off with some examples of why Figurines are not the type of opening band that you want to show up late for.

    ::::because we care [and because we can]:
    Figurines - The Wonder [Live]
    Figurines - I Remember [Live]

  • until further notice, i'm not doing the video thing. i do have some clips from the past two shows, but YouTube disagrees with me and refuses to sync the audio and the video.

  • living in the Boston area and driving to and from work every day in a car that was manufactured in 1993, i don't have the luxury of a CD player and i've never made the commitment to getting myself a tape adapter and so, well, i listen to the radio. my car radio has had itself parked on WFNX for probably over a year now, and there has been no time better than right now. see, FNX is doing this big promotion with Snapple where they get to play music straight through without commercials for forty days [ending july fourth] in return for shameless namedropping and promotional events. it's really quite a big deal, and i don't care so much for the Snapple bit, but it's nice to pretty much always hear music when i'm in the car. and plus, they're giving away lots of swag like tickets and merch - and Snapple - and putting on free shows throughout the course of it. just go to their homepage and you'll see the events and shows coming up, in and around Boston, of course. Dashboard Confessional played with As Fast As to start it off, and Hawthorne Heights is up next. you can't expect to see me at anything of that sort, but i know they'll be packed and it's a great deal for anyone who's into it.

...whew. i think that's it for now. be safe, kids, and stay tuned for Shan & Alex's Trip To The Big Apple.
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