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Thursday, June 08, 2006
  the Middle East downstairs, 06.05.06 - it's almost like you were there.
first off, see shan's full show review right here. mine's a recap. with pictures.

so we were indeed there, at least by the end of the Cold War Kids set. they were rocking pretty hard when we walked in, but that ceased pretty quickly. i hear they're great, and they did give that vibe, but i wish we had more to go on.

CWK rocking. can you find connor?
the drummer from CWK, breaking down his set. i'd like to note that he played standing up over the drums, beating them with a maraca-type thing at one point.

next up was Figurines. really, really tight musically. they almost seemed flattered by the crowd reaction half the time. the frontman kind of did the awkward laugh and threw his hands up in the air with the applause. unfortunately, i could only really hear him when he was speaking between songs. the vocals were drowned out by the rocking guitars, and what i could hear may not have even been words, but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Figurines: tight jeans and a western theme. kind of like their music.
Claus Salling Johansen on guitar and Christian Hjelm on guitar and lead vocals.
Kristian Volden on drums and Andreas Toft on bass.

the aftermath.

and then came Tapes 'n Tapes. their looks are a little deceiving. they almost don't look like four guys capable of that much raw musical prowess or indie rock noteworthiness. but boy, they sure proved why so many people crammed their way forward to the stage the second they walked out. it's like they were recording the album in your face; spot-on vocals, tight guitars adapted to rock even harder live, and enough energy to surge through the crowd and get some feet tapping and heads bobbing. [but i thought indie don't dance?] despite the fact that the keyboardist/auxiliary percussion guy seemed a little useless at times, running around with his tambourine and jingle bells, his energy only added to the performance that showed us why they were the headliners of monday night's lineup.

the band, made up of band members tapes, tapes, and 'n, as their myspace and official website will both tell you.
"look at us rock," they say.

"even on euphonium."
oh man cold war kids were so good!
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