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Friday, June 02, 2006
  mp3 greatness
hmmmmmm? what now? what's that i hear?
Noise For Toaster has...
that's right kids. you heard it here. literally. NfT is now stacked with mp3 power
that means better blogging, prettier posts, and hardcore hearing. you're all set for life. you know the protocol: if you like the track, buy it off of itunes or dive in for the album. don't be lame guys: support what you love.

so. to celebrate, i'm going to kick off with a little list of my favorites right now, and a track for each. you may know 'em, but i'm giving you some alternative tracks from the norm, so grab 'em. grab 'em good.

click on the pictures to buy.

buy No Midnight at Amp Camp

Birdmonster: No Midnight. i've always thought they sound a little like Kings of Leon, only - i guess - i like these guys more. easier on the vocals, for me. more intricate arrangements, as well - more attention to detail. they just announced a lot of tour dates (learn about them at Harmonium) and i'm already going to a show the night they're here, so you might see me at the Knitting Factory instead.
and here it is:Birdmonster - What's With Your Brain::::

pre-order from No Karma Recordings

Headlights: Kill Them With Kindness. yeeeppppp... a Polyvinyl band. i personally think these guys are adorable and destined for O.C. greatness. don't you? can't you see those little Mischa wannabes tripping all over Erin Fein and the cuteboys, Tristan and Brett? their names already sound like California beachbabes, don't they? well, don't worry. they're cooler than that. they're from Illinois. and their upcoming first LP, out in August, is catchy, poppy, wonderful stuff. i'll probably do a full review when the LP officially drops.
::::do it up: Headlights - Owl Eyes

scroll down to buy - $5 from Matinee

Math and Physics Club: Movie Ending Romance. i love a good twee band. these guys really hit the mark with it, too; they aren't ground-breaking, but they're just good music, and a good time. this EP came out a year ago this July and still, it's a great listen, and still very summer-appropriate. if you don't know them (chances are, you don't) - check them out. read a billion longer reviews here if you're into that sort of thing.
because i love you:MAPC - Movie Ending Romance::::

Bonus: Office - Big Bang Jump!
If you need to be caught up with these guys, read my previous post here. i have Q & A playing in my car right now, and out of the whole cd, this is the best driving song. it's actually just a great song in general - 80's poppy, a little flair like the New Pornographers with Neko Case's harmonizing. i like it quite a bit.

there you are. go wild. have a dance party.
[or, as Indie Don't Dance always reminds... well, yeah. we don't dance. (i love her, over at IDD. go say hi.)]
Wow... thanks for the love. I just found your website today, and I really like it. Keep (not) dancing!
A couple of points: I checked with Amazon for a price comparison on "No Comparison" by Birdmonster and found they do not even offer the album new!

Also, that guitar in Math and Music Club's "Movie Ending Romance" is beautiful and powerful. I can't think of a comparison for it, though one of the link reviews you offer mentions "The Byrds" Roger McGuinn. But, though it may be better recording technology, this album's guitar work offers something more striking.

Thanks for the introduction...
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