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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
  Herbert weighs in

and there's matthew herbert.

can i just comment, for a second? this guy kind of freaks me out. if you go to his old page, here, the dude is really terrifying. and yet - his music is total genius. it's entirely innovative, almost undefinable, and (usually) accessibly thematic; and now, next week, his new album Scale comes out on Studio !K7.

i don't have the slightest idea where to begin in terms of classifying this album into a genre of music. i'm supposed to call it micro-house, but i barely have an idea as to what that is. basically, it's pop, with some electronic, with some r&b/soul, with some... well, it sounds a little like Beck sometimes. sort of. and dare i even say... Jamiroquai...?

look: you have to check out this album. it's incredible. it's highly-rated and highly anticipated (mmm, yes, Mr. PF). it's also one of the most accessible albums he's ever made - especially in comparison to last year's Plat du Jour, into which the poor guy put his whole soul. but hey. souls can be freakishly weird, especially realized in thematic electronic albums.

there's a special site dedicated to the new album, which drops... the 29th, supposedly, but that's a Monday, and around these parts it's Tuesday that's the weekly Christmas. but hey, whatever. here's the site. it's almost a full orchestral piece, at times; and the theme, this turn around, has to do with "the idea of distance in our lives," but really it's just an admittedly doomed-to-fail attempt to "to bring down Tony Blair [and] the American empire, a withdrawal of troops in Iraq and [to] bring about an end to our reliance on oil." join the club, matthew. or should i call you Doctor Rockit?

possibly my favorite fact about Matthew Herbert is that he worked with Roisin Murphy on her latest album.

as usual, you can get a few free mp3s here at Harmonium. if you're keeping score at home, i've linked you there twice in this post. go find the other link, and you'll win something. i promise.

yes... i had to do the punny title.. i apologize..
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