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Monday, June 12, 2006
  Let's Go Sailing
well. i'm officially out of a job. this means: no more picking up checks (i'm a guilty-conscience freeloader), extra time for sunbathing, and.. lazy day music. for better or for worse, i have quite a few sources for this genre.

Let's Go Sailing

i forget exactly where i ran across this band for the first time. i'm pretty sure i can remember hearing about them through the Lips' tour diary (click news, there's a tab at the bottom that says Diary), which used to be significantly cooler than it is now. Kliph is sort of slacking on what was so great about it, which of course were the opening band mentions. they might be too cool now. but just like i found The Shins and Alfie and Steve Burns through the Diary about four years ago, i'm almost positive i remember a Let's Go Sailing mention, and consequently my extended curiosity.

to check up on them recently is to find a discouraging amount of progress in their forthcoming LP. they've been working for quite a long time (since 2002) on what will be only their first album (they have an EP, Icicles, which i still recommend). this isn't to discourage their music, however; if anything, everything i hear now has only piqued my interest and has me practically subscribing to their myspace blog (which i'm normally just oh-too-cool for. groan). i would like you to hear it as well, before i continue:

::::extra special mp3: Let's Go Sailing - All I Want From You Is Love

is this the right time to tell you that this isn't my favorite track from LGS? it has all of the elements i fall for in a song: simple piano opening, a sound building with the slide in from the cello - hey, a cello, for that matter - the slight dip before the perc ["and all i want from you is __(one, two)__ love"(enter drums)], and great vocals: airy, unassuming, floating along.. soundwaves.. waves.. ocean... anyone for sailing?

but i would like you actually to go straight to their myspace and listen to Better Off, and you will be sold. i promise. it's clear in both of these tracks that their influences include the best of Twee - good 'ol twee, like Belle & Sebastian - but also the Acid House Kings (i can't get over the comparison, there, actually) and consequently Kings Of Convenience. essentially, you should be thinking (well, listening, too) about the really awesome playfulness of B & S, only with a grade-school crush blushing of the cheeks and a last-kid-picked melancholy. okay, so, i really, really like it.

if you're opposed to their myspace (um, alright) - have no fear. head on over to their official site, where they hook you up with the same three tracks. none of them, as far as i can see, are downloadable. but they're going with "hopefully it will be out in September," so if you want to check back then, go ahead. for now, buy what you can (including that sweet button over there) at their store.
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