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Friday, June 09, 2006
  Zach Braff and... well, yeah.

i really have a thing against music/mp3 blogs that post about general entertainment stuff. like hollywood. who likes hollywood, man.

and yet, this post is about TWO WHOLE THINGS that concern general entertainment. except i have an excuse, because both of them relate back to music.

first off. i need to make the ultra-girly confession (yeah, hi, i'm a girl) that i have a mad crush on Zach Braff. it's actually really bad. i think he's dating mandy moore, and i've been thinking about tracking her down and...

yeah, well.

but here is the cool thing! he launched his website this week.
why is this a cool thing, you ask.
well! go and look!
he has a lot planned for the site - including a music recommendation bit - and the kids love him for his music choices. Garden State soundtrack? who doesn't own that?
everything else about the site he explains himself, and you can watch that here (um, glasses, hi. girlish giggle.):

you should also go and see the trailer for The Last Kiss. what's that i hear? old snow patrol? better than new snow patrol? what? (they use "chocolate.")

on to the next thing -

so, basically, this is ridiculous. i'm warning you ahead of time that i'm a little disgusted, intrigued, and humbled all at the same time. how come?

because i'm blogging about Paris Hilton. that's why.

have you seen this?

it's pretty bad quality, but that's okay with me. i don't think i want to see any more of that than i need to.

um, yeah, shudder. but some people like it. i personally think she's knocking off a gwen stefani impression with a whole bunch of voice synthesizing, but you know, people have their taste. if you want the mp3, go over to Harmonium. Jill is one of those people that liked it, and that's okay. i know where she's coming from.

real music posts to come, don't worry.
do you like toasted sandwiches?
hey what is the snow patrol song? thx
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