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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
  i know, i know..
i'm a super sleuth.

  • just because i'm allergic to brazil nuts doesn't mean i can't read this particularly awesome Said the Gramophone post about Tom Ze (Brazilian) and Loki (Scotland native. admittedly i'm not savvy on the butterscotch reference. oh - just go read).

  • i think i'm probably the last to know, but Pedro the Lion is going solo. that's right. the one-man music maker is heading out to make music on his own. the solo artist PtL is going solo. anyone catching the irony yet? go check out his official site, which reveals that the "debut" EP "Fewer Moving Parts" dropped today. i'll get my hands on it and do a longer review.

  • San Diego Serenade continues to make me laugh like hell (and embarrass me in public) with posts on Sound Team and seals. yeah, that's right, he actually manages to relate the mammal back to music - and Springsteen to boot.

  • i think this is pretty sweet. Fader Mag is now available for free as a podcast on iTunes. this is a first for iTunes (soon they'll be offering cookbooks and kung-fun how to's, i'm telling you). i HIGHLY suggest you hit this up, because fader is one of the last best publications on alternative music. get your podcast subscription here - totally free. i mean it. if you click this, you'll go to itunes. yes way.

    also... what's up with this blogger bull...
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